World Duathlon Champs (WDC) -1

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Friday, 23 September

Thanks to CJ for alerting me to the Blogger for Word toolbar.  In this mad, mad, mad, mad (you get the idea) environment of assisting to get Australia’s biggest national team ever ready for a multisport event, time for anything, let alone keeping in touch with Cool Running (withdrawal symptoms are severe) or updating my blog has been minimal.  This has helped me to at least try and post.

More of the same in the mad rush department this morning, although I checked in my boike to transition around 11:00-11:30am and most of what could be done had been.  Despite putting in new contact lenses this morning (Alcon 2 week disposables) my eyes were screaming to take them out early afternoon.  I have a damp, but clean Ironman (race) singlet to wear tomorrow, having washed it after Suzie wore it all day tomorrow when all her clothes were in the wash.  

I ran into so many people today, including Mr Strewth who I met after the Canberra Times Fun Run on Sunday and happens to be up here as a technical official (TO).  With the cycle course so technical in nature, the TO’s  will be mainly concerned with cyclist blocking or travelling too far on the right hand side of the road rather than draft busting.  

I have 2 pairs of running shoes to choose between, and my veggie cycling shoes.  I have done so little cycling recently, and not transitions, that I have opted for my cycling shoes with three Velcro straps (I can get away with adjusting one) and thick soles with recessed cleats.  My Carnac Triathlon shoes are better, but out of practice with putting my feet in the shoes on the bike, on an uphill start, and with a run leg to begin (so I can wear socks) I’ve elected to be a bit safer and slower and put my shoes on in transition.  I will probably wear my Nike flats, although will have the option of my Forster shoes – if using these haven’t decided whether to wear orthoses or not.  

Things to Do
Stickers on bike helmet (3)     - Check
Race number on belt (1)      - Check
Bidons for bike (1x sm 1 lge) - Check
Socks and spares          - Check
Polar HRM and transmitter
(Set to beep each 23:45, auto lap off, heart touch on store lap)
(on multi sport function)
Race singlet and fatigue shorts
Towel for transition
Bidon for transition
After race change of clothes
(Retrieve floor pump from Bob)
Pack phone and cash, gels, FortiJuice.

4 Responses to “World Duathlon Champs (WDC) -1”

  1. Blogger Ewen 

    Go 'selfish', useful Carolyne! Have fun and keep the rubber side down on the bike. Good luck to Bob too.

    The 'Cool Running' team were 1st females in the Canberra Times Fun Run.

  2. Blogger strewth 

    Yay Flash Duck - you go girl. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you all the luck and good vibes in the world. And go the Cool Running Chicky Babes! Above all have fun out there - can't wait to read your next blog entry.

  3. Blogger Friar 

    So many things to do in preparation, must help take your mind away from the nervous anticipation.

    We'll be hoping you come away with a great result.

  4. Blogger allrounder 

    good luck to you all, enjoy it all...

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