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After the Sydney Marathon I developed a cold sore ~ a sure sign of being run down (appropriate term, isn't it?). Travelling and socialising took up so much time that I didn't run or train much in the week afterwards, and it took a full two weeks for the cold sore to heal.

In these days post Duathlon, I have another thing to contend with: not only are my glands enlarged and I am headachey, but the mistake I made in the days prior to the event in not having enough nutrition has come back to haunt me. I am starving, and feel that no matter how much I eat my hunger fails to be satiated. This is making it more difficult to resume my FortiJuice and clear fluid diet, although I know that continuing to have real food makes it almost impossible to run, or lead a socially acceptable lifestyle.

Being September, it is the birthday season, and coming on the back of birthdays of LuckyLegs (7 September), Minersrun (19 August), Jen_Runs, allrounder (22 September), Tesso (2 October) and The Owl (30 September) is Aki's (28 September - Today!).

Even without the ITB injury and enforced break from running, it had been a shocking week/day for her, with a sole seven days break from lectures filled with due assignments. We met for a quick lunch, and I surprised her with eating in front of her for the first time . . . I 'do' food extremely well . . . food, all aspects of it, is my passion and should have been my vocation. I get a thrill from the sensual shape of a pregnant eggplant; swoon at ripe, imperfect tomatoes and basil growing in the sun; dream of new combinations and melding of cuisines. I can also eat a lot, and at the moment, I can eat an awful lot.

We went to a local Ethiopian Cafe, and ordered two vegetarian dishes; one based on green beans and carrots; another ("Gomen") of spinach and potatoes; and a third beef-based. They were served with side dishes of rice and "Injera", an unleavened, rolled bread with a light pancake-like texture. We were instructed to unroll the Injera and place the food on top, roll it like a cigarette and pop it in our mouth. Although the basis of the food was the same as many dishes from the sub-continent, the spices used were quite different, and it was like a mix of (north) Indian and Moroccan with the Italian influence also evident. The Injera took a little getting used to - it was cold, pale had a spongy texture, and slightly sour taste, however this proved to be the perfect foil for the food.
I still had a persistent and disturbing headache, although made myself to go to the supermarket to buy food for Bob and Lucy (the wonder cat), so that he could eat some decent food tonight. I was exhausted, and think that I will have a few very quiet days to try and knock this on the head. It will also give me the chance to taper my food intake and resume full fluid service to run more comfortably!

4 Responses to “Addis Ethiopian Cafe”

  1. Blogger strewth 

    That lunch sounds very interesting and quite delicious - so glad you enjoyed it and gave Aki such a lovely break from, what certainly sounds like, a pretty awful week. I bet she was excited with her pressies. Welcome back and I do sincerely hope that headache goes away and you start to feel more "bouncy" again soon. You are amazing noting all those birthdays!

  2. Blogger Aki 

    Brilliant tracking of birthdays as Strewth mentioned. Thankyou so much for today! I knew you had a headache but I had no idea it was one of those awful nagging ones. Maybe like me you just need some downtime with lots of sleep, and food (and being unsocialble!) before you get your mojo back.

    Again I can't mention how grateful I am to have you as a friend. :)

  3. Blogger miners 

    Hey Carolyne - sorry i didn't keep myself up to date over the Duathlon weekend. Really happy to see you got yourself through it (nearly) intact. I lived in Newcastle for a while so I can vouch for the tough, tough bike leg.

    Can't believe your great database of info you're building up there ala Sydney Marathon weekend. Now that I know you've remembered my birthday, I'll expect a special birthday posting next year! ;)

  4. Anonymous N Mandela 

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