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Super Mega Night Sweat: 3 Loads of washing, Big headache, Stiff neck.

It took me a long time to get going, and my early enthusiasm to move some of the grass/weeds I pulled out to the recycling compost area waned as I struggled to move myself upstairs to make a cup of decaf coffee. Fuelled by guilt, I did manage to haul two metal garbage bin loads out (the closest thing we have to a wheelbarrow), and pulled out some more weeds before exhausted and dizzy. Despite wearing gloves, my nails and hands were muddy, and as I got the second load of washing on I settled into a bath with a nailbrush to scrub and clean. I feel much better now ~ I hope that I will get the second load of washing hung out and another on before I leave to pick up Aki and drop Bob's shoes off for Customs.

Couldn't get the washing out before leaving (front loaders have restrictions), but really enjoyed seeing Aki at lunchtime. She looked cool in her street gear, and she held the watch and timed runners. With Floriade on, fine weather, and school holidays the area around Commonwealth Park was frantic. I missed my start of 13:15, and barely tied my shoelaces to go off 13:45. I went fairly hard, and my RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) was right up there, although I could barely hang on to 5 minute pace. No soreness or anything, just not firing. As I watched every runner pass me (Bob at 2kms, Simon (or "Legs" to allrounder) just before 4km. I could tell that I was much slower than I should have been, although was still fairly satisfied by the effort I put in (5k in 24:46). Great that Customs is on to get me out for a short hit out and remind that that I enjoy running and can get around a course without gut problems if I watch my diet and preparation.

Aki and I retired to The Deck for our usual (the waitstaff do know us well now!), and had a quick chat to Aki before popping into Bob's office to collect his running gear and some paperwork to save him riding home with it, and had a good chat to his boss who I hadn't caught up with for a while. Despite carrying 2 backpacks and another bag of gear, I decided to check out the Korean grocery again at the bus interchange, as I rarely get into Civic. The noodle collection was vast, and highly variable; while most had an appalling profile of fat and sodium content (up to 20g/100g or 45% fat!) there were a few with negligible or no fat or fibre. As part of my newly stated aim to include more food into my diet where I can instead of relying on FortiJuice and getting bored to bits, I'll keep an eye out and try what I can to see what works.

I also bought another Glace rouge d'haricot, or Red Bean Ice (confection on a stick). This is a great little treat for me, surprisingly stated to be free of fibre (I don't believe it, but I'll take it to be low-ish) and only a trace of fat. I love Red Beans, Lotus Seeds and other not-so-sweet Asian bean pastes so this is great. It is supplied as a cylinder on a cute wooden stick and I enjoyed it immensely.

My hands and upper body joints are very sore and stiff - typing is difficult and full of errors at the moment as the fingers are not obeying orders and hitting the keys I direct them too. Luckily my lower body is happily free of pain and it is only having a small effect on my running. Having been so slow today, I think that I shall do little running over the next few days to be as fresh as I can for the Sri Chimnoy 10k on Monday. Allrounder, Jodie and Friar from Customs will be there, and I had hoped to put in a good effort for the 10k after The Canberra Times two weeks ago, although I feel that I shall have to be satisfied with whatever I do at the moment.

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  2. Blogger allrounder 

    "legs" is jodie's name for simon...

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