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2005 10 04
Bob is extremely tired and even relatively little exercise is taking a lot out of him.  Although I had an appointment with our very good, although very difficult to see GP on Friday, Bob rang his rooms early this morning to make an appointment to check us both out.  We managed to get a couple of cancellations at 10:30am this morning.  

Despite finding it really hard going (in the 10k) yesterday (the most difficult event I have ever done!), I wasn’t too bad when I woke up this morning, although as Bob noted I did have a full 10 hours sleep, on top of a nana nap yesterday afternoon.  Not too long after, I was overcome by terrible nausea once again that stopped me dead in my tracks, requiring absolute stillness.  Any movement was horrible.  Unlike Saturday, I didn’t vomit, although I did have my trusty red bucket close at hand.

Bob can’t understand that I felt too crook to go to the doctor, but as I wanted his advice and consideration of me cancelling the next round of tests in Sydney, finding it difficult to think and communicate wasn’t ideal.  Pathology tests repeated monthly since June were consistently showing abnormalities also more tests were called for; however this was nothing new, so I couldn’t see the point of making my way through every item on the Medicare Schedule and waste community resources further.

Dr John, a 6’4” recreational jogger hobbled out with his leg is a huge brace.  He had a very nasty and significant tear of his Achilles from playing basketball with his 6’7” son!  Ouch!!!  Having returned from Vietnam with his family not long before Bob travelled there, he instantly asked a number of highly pertinent questions.  Bob has a form for tests, which will include comprehensive iron studies and full blood count.  

Onto my swollen medical file, we tried to distil the most important factors first.  Dr John hadn’t heard from the Sydney specialist, and I think understood where I was coming from about cancelling the tests.  I mentioned how depressed I was after the last appointment with no prospect of a solution.

He didn’t voice an opinion, but checked the details to ring the specialist and talk to him directly.  He then reviewed the path tests and looked through the cavernous file for previous results.  Somewhat reluctantly, he ordered yet more, although I can’t see the point.  

All this took quite a deal of time, and by the time we had finished there was no need for me to negotiate with Bob about getting to the Mt Ainslie Run up in time today; there was no time.  Instead, we went home, had lunch (broth and FortiJuice for me, Bread Rolls for Bob), and I fell into bed for another long sleep.

I’m still tired, and still have the appointment on Friday booked.  If I have a chance when I see him then, I will certainly ask if there is anything else I can do for the arthritis that has flared up in my arms and hands.  It will dissipate in time, but it’s a real nuisance and rather painful.  

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  1. Anonymous aki 

    Sounds like a pretty average day for you. :( Be sure to see what he can do for you arthritis, I hate you being in pain!

  2. Anonymous ewen 

    I like the new look of your blog FD! Yes, that 10k was hard. At least you kept pushing on.

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