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2005 10 08 I’m being sensible (really, I am).

Long sleep last night, and not too bad this morning.  The cold weather today didn’t agree with me though, and I was about to lie down with Lucy for a noontide nap with Miss Lucy when Bob suggested we head out for a caffé.  I wasn’t too sure, but got him to help me get dressed (my arms don’t like stretching up into sleeves) and we tried out é musica, the Italian caffé next to CJ and Strewth’s favourite Black Pepper Café near the shores of Lake Ginninderra.  

The stark interior of hard brown floors was not great for acoustics, especially as Bob opted to sit next to the espresso machine.  However with the wind howling outside, it was cosy sitting with the uncommonly good view of the Lake through the window.  Whilst others were opting for good looking salads and pasta (all less than $10), we stuck to coffee and welcome glasses of ice water.  Worth investigating further!

The ‘outing’ did me good, and instead of climbing back into bed as I had planned, I decided to do some research for buying a new bed for my study.  I never imagined that such an exercise would be sooo confusing.  If I wanted to fork out over four or five thousand bucks for a single bed it would be no problemo.    My head is spinning, but I have a better understanding of it now.  

While Bob and I caffeinated, we took a notebook and discussed options for the next few days; surprisingly he was not too dismissive of me running tomorrow.  We considered the Mental Health Fun Run (5k from Black Mtn Peninsula) in the morning as alternative to the Orroral Valley runs being conducted by John Harding of the Australian Mtn Running Association.    Although I had been tossing up between the 30km and 20km events, now the 8km looks promising.  Bob is doing inside office work next week so the long drive down through Namadgi and getting in the bush would probably be a good idea.

As long as I kept warm I wasn’t too bad today.  I’m sure that I’ll get better – I’m looking forward to Fitzroy Falls next weekend . . . of I’m not up to either event, then I’ll definitely be there to cheer Cool Runners along and help with cucumber sandwiches.  I’m still waiting to get the word from Dr John about having the tests in Sydney on Friday next week.  If I have to, I’ll go, and drive down to the Southern Highlands that night and then travel to Fitzroy Falls the next day.  

So . . . things are looking good, and I’m really excited about the prospect of the slow six foot track with Lucky Legs and co.!

I will take things easily, really I will.  More anti-inflammatories, hot baths, and gentle (!) exercise.  

6 Responses to “I'm being sensible, really I am!”

  1. Anonymous strewth 

    So glad you're feeling a little better Flash Duck. You are having a rough trot. Do hope you manage your run and that you feel great afterwards! Interesting that you tried musica e viva. What did you think of the coffee?

  2. Anonymous Flash 

    The coffee gets a huge tick of approval . . . more expensive than some places, but very Italian!

  3. Anonymous cj 

    Things are looking up compared to a couple of days ago. By the way, did you receive your Canberra Times fun run 1st prize gift and certificate. Mine was delivered today while I was out running and coffeeing with Strewth (at Oaks Brasserie, for a change!) Take care!

  4. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better Ducky. If I don't see you when in Sydney, I might see you at Fitzroy Falls. Some members of the CR cheersquad (Lulu, Owl & I) are meeting this week (at the Lindt cafe of course!) to discuss a road trip to the race!

    Take care of yourself,

  5. Anonymous all-rounder 

    glad to hear you are "perking" up...the 8k sounds like a good prospect...

  6. Anonymous Friar 

    Congrats on the run at Orroral Valley in 5th Place.

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