Topsy Turvy Day

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I like to make a decision and know where I stand. I’m flexible, and more than willing to play it by ear, but in some things certainty is best.

It has been a long protracted process for me to ‘do the right thing’ about an appointment make by the specialist (surgeon) for some tests when I saw him two months ago. It was clear that he didn’t think that it would shed any further light on a solution to the problem, and following my disappointment after the last session I couldn’t see any point in going through the whole process of expectation all over again just to be told, yet again, that there was nothing they could do.

I wanted to run this via my long suffering GP first, so that he was kept in the loop, and I wasn’t seen to be cavalier about it all. His basketball injury and protracted break from work delayed things to begin with, and then the specialist didn’t respond to his calls (despite being the best man at his brothers wedding).

Waiting Waiting Waiting.

With the tests due the afternoon before Fitzroy Falls, I was keen to get the nod early to make plans for travel and so on. After nearly two weeks with still no joy, I bit the executive decision bullet and decided not to go through with the appointment and cancelled it first thing this morning.


Waiting for the rooms to open meant I needed to drive to the MICE (Mature Individuals Cycling Easily) ride, even though it was only about 3km (downhill!) from home. It was a very gentle re-introduction for me to get back in the saddle, and ride with a bunch. Stops to regroup and wait for punctures to be fixed meant that the 48km was completed at a very pedestrian overall pace.

I didn’t hang around for a ‘cuppa’ (they are a cuppa generation) as there was much to do. When I got home, I was on a roll! Accommodation at Mittagong confirmed; availability to travel with the PRB mostly sorted out (I had been non-committal due to tests); I was feeling dangerously well. A bit of telephone tag, and a plot to get Aki to the CR Cheer Squad at Fitzroy.

Ran this by Bob in his office before my appointment; found that Aki would be doing assignments on the weekend; then the bombshell. GP rang (late afternoon!); contrite, but having spoken to the surgeon this morning (after my cancellation!) and the strong recommendation was to go through with it tomorrow.


I had an hour or so to consider the issue – after a heap of frustrating phone calls, it was confirmed; my appointment is at 2:30 tomorrow. Things to reorganise (particularly my brain space). It takes time to get on to the PRB (he eventually rings me). But that’s done. Gotta Go, need to pack and make sure I have maps, FortiJuice etc.

Ciao Ciao.

4 Responses to “Topsy Turvy Day”

  1. Anonymous Friar 

    Sounds like Busy, Busy, Busy.

    So much to do that every day is packed full of commitments and plans.

  2. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    Yikes, what a day! I hope it goes well today. See you tomorrow


  3. Anonymous Go Girl 

    Good Luck with everything over the next few days Flashduck!

  4. Anonymous bennyr 

    Well, the tests will have been done by now, but good luck with the results, Flash Duck.


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