Rain, Rain, Go Away

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Sometimes I get things sooo wrong!

Posted this on the CoolRunning Messageboards this morning:

Add me in to help with the car pool.
The weather this morning is great! Likely to continue tomorrow! Although the forecast still says 'clearing shower', I predict good conditions.

It did start out as a beautiful day. I got lots done in the morning, and headed down to the pool for a swim, a little later than I would have liked, but for a swim nevertheless. I decided to eschew the fins this time when I started, as I found it such hard going without on Wednesday. My first 100m was OK, and I kept going for (hopefully) 1,000m to ease me back into it. While I felt surprisingly comfortable in the water (very good), my times are as slow as they ever have been (bad), and I need to do a lot more swimming if I intend to do any tri’s, such as the Canberra Half Ironman on 11 December and the Long Course Triathlon Champs on 12 February 2006.

In the interests of full disclosure, when I say slow, my 100m splits were as follows:

  1. 2:36 2:36 Whee! Flying Start!
  2. 2:51 5:27 settling in . . .
  3. 2:52 8:19 and in,
  4. 2:52 11:11 stroke, breathe
  5. 2:58 14:09 slowing now. . . .
  6. 3:02 17:09 getting slower
  7. 3:03 20:14 and slower
  8. 3:00 23:14
  9. 3:11 26:26 no excuses!
  10. 2:53 29:19 Sprint Finish last 50m!

Enjoyed it immensely though. Bulls Head Challenge tomorrow may mean that the pool is out until Monday. Note to self: Must swim.

Leaving the pool, the sky was dangerously dark despite it nearing midday. The heavens opened up and there was flash flooding obscuring everything in its wake.

Vanity’s Crossing is going to be fun as it is (maybe knee height?), and I don’t mind at all running in the rain (it’s not too cold). It’s the logistics of hanging around at the beginning and the end when it’s wet that I hate.

Que Sera Sera.

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  1. Anonymous Friar 

    Congratulations on third place and trophy in the Bulls Head Challenge.

    Seemed like a big crowd starting at Bulls Head.

    And the downhills would have been great. :-)

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