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I almost expected the dreaded DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) to come and bite me on the bum, quads and calves today after my arrogant assertion about pulling up well. Once again, nothing. Legs are slow – did the 7k Ginninderra Stakes today at around 5 minute pace, but certainly not stiff or sore. Weird.

This has started to crystallise a few thoughts as a result. My endurance seems pretty good, and I love the long stuff, particularly the long stuff on trails in the bush. I think that Ultra’s are calling me!

One of the downsides of the weekend run doesn’t relate to injury or soreness, and perhaps it’s after the swim last night, however this afternoon I have developed a very sore and raw throat, and my voice has gone west. Good news for some – getting a little peace!

I will try to sleep as much as I can tonight, and hope that I feel better tomorrow. I will have to seriously think about whether to go to the BBQ Stakes tomorrow, even though I was only concerned about the rain and riding this morning!

To bed, to sleep, to recover!

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  1. Anonymous kitkat78 

    Maby its the body telling you it needs a few days rest! It was hoping your muscles might let you know...but looks like they forgot :) That is great that you pulled up so well! Wow ultas... there's a challenge!

  2. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    Oh no, the dark side is calling the Duck!!

    Make sure you get some rest. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Anonymous Lulu 

    It's great you haven't pulled up sore. It's amazing how differently people's bodies handle stresses. Poor old CJ can hardly walk and yet you are fine. I wonder if it's because you hopped in the water straight away. I don't know if CJ did that as well?

  4. Anonymous CJ 

    CJ did hop in the water straight after so maybe there was potential to endure even more suffering if I hadn't! ;-)

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