If I say if often enough, does that make it true?

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It's all above my neck.

Really it is.

Not much brain or brawn in evidence this week . . . perhaps the lovely Adrienne was right, and I picked up some bug in the water at the pool on Monday night. Once again this morning was spent in damming the flow and doing multiple loads of washing. Ironic on the day that it has been announced that the long drought in the ACT has broken. Throat was once again pretty scratchy and my voice was a whisper (or sexy, husky, I think not!) at best.

Bob is a bit of a sook today I think ~ good for him, he isn't like this much, and has a niggling injury which is annoying him enormously. He saw the physio on Tuesday to look at his piriformis, translated by his friend Jude so eloquently as his "right arsicle". He has been vacillating all week about whether he will be alright to compete in the Wagga Duathlon, and he was miserable about the lack of code for the car radio after the battery replacement. The notion of a drive to Wagga without the CD or radio was too difficult to contemplate.

He dropped the car into the dealership and reluctantly trudged off to the pool for a swim. I thought that I didn't need my voice for the Customs run at lunchtime, and thought that it would be a fair test for the weekend. I got out the mountain bike, and found that the front tyre was quite flat. I pumped it up after riding down to the Lake Stakes on Tuesday, so a tube replacement was called for. No time, I threw my gear into a backpack and took the road bike instead.

Enjoyed the ride, travelling on the main roads (Bindubi St and Parkes Way) instead of the bike paths without too much traffic. I was there in plenty of time to change shoes and gear, although didn't get a warm up in. Walking to the nearest toilets in the Regatta Point centre, I thought I saw Friar walking towards me, however my vision is still terribly blurred and I only half-waved unsure of whom it was. After my string of poor performances, I had been re-handicapped to start off 12:30. Adrienne had a blistering run last week and left off 13:00. With my voice straining, I expected her to fly past at any moment.

My breathing was laboured, and legs slow, but I got through it OK, a few seconds faster than last week. Afterwards I rode through the late lunchtime crowds in Civic to collect some contact lenses I ordered and rode home - at first through the back streets of O'Connor and then on the empty main road of Belconnen Way. I do like riding my road bike, and the weather was great!

I didn't continue the ride though today, but fell into bed after a bath and slept for a couple of hours. The car has been fixed, and Bob seems to be in chipper (sp?)spirits . . . and planning to head to Wagga. We'll see what happens!

2 Responses to “If I say if often enough, does that make it true?”

  1. Anonymous Luckylegs 

    Take it easy now, FD! Just 4 weeks to 6ft!!

  2. Anonymous aki 

    Hope you're feeling better, get in some good rest.

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