Thursday - sick

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2005 10 27
I kept waking during the night with my dry eyes disturbing me ~ although there was little night sweating.  My throat was getting worse and worse though, and I felt decidedly poorly.  At 5:00am I couldn‘t return to sleep, so wandered up to the kitchen, but this disturbed Bob too much.  I took some analgesia and managed to sleep, although this time I did loose quite a few litres of perspiration in the process, waking up in a babbling brook.  My throat seemed a bit better though.

I was groggy for most of the morning, and my eyes didn’t improve; vision was compromised, blurry and hard to focus, and artificial tears didn’t make much of a difference.  I still felt good about getting to the track that night, and baked a batch of small bread rolls to take along for supper – better than the processed packages of biscuits that often turn up.  I set my phone/computer to beep and warn me at 3:30pm to start taking the Imodium so I could run.

Bob went for a quick swim in the morning, and then managed to get a physio appointment at 11:00am.  By the time he returned I had crashed in bed, feeling much better after a thorough soaking in the tub, and a good scrubbing of my face and to remove the caked up layers of gunk around my eyes, but had become exhausted as a result.  Slept solidly, through my Imodium alarms and didn’t wake until about 5:30pm.  Too late to go to track, and once again my throat was really bad – almost can’t make any noise out of my mouth, so I back to a complicated range of charades to communicate with Bob.  

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  1. Anonymous aki 


    I have to admit you are really good at charades though!

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