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Firstly, How can one thank Peter, the PRB sufficiently? Thanks to him, I am now able to tap away (albeit briefly) update the blog, catch up on news, and type out the lists we so desperately need!

Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand fold!


On Thursday last week (10 November), some person or persons unknown illegally entered the house through a window on which they broke the lock. Despite me only leaving for the pool (on foot) at 2:15pm, and Bob and I returning home together exactly 2 hours later, the place had been ransacked and thieves took off with all portable and attractive items of computer equipment (3 laptops), and small peripherals; camera equipment and lenses; items of jewellry; watches and a Polar HRM; and a number of digital tuning shortwave and other radios.

Whilst we were quite fortunate in many ways, our entire life is digital these days, and being unwired has been a challenge. Ironically, doing what is required for insurance, replacement equipment and research for increased security is far too time consuming and difficult without the computers.

As of yesterday (Friday 17 November), we have ordered new computer equipment from the insurance agent, however it may take a couple of weeks for delivery. Peter, the PRB brought over a highly spec'ed desktop last night for us to use in the interim. Have I said thank you?

Needless to say, the loss has had quite a significant effect on our available training. Luckily, there have been a few short events on which got us out of the house and focused on something else over the week, but that has been it.

In Summary:

Thursday, 10 Nov Cancelled going to Vets Track. Only a short walk. Bob cancelled his camping trip.

Friday, 11 Nov Turned up for Customs 5k. Trouble breathing and felt terrible after a hard run in 23:45 (4:45 pace). Great coffee and chat with Adrienne afterwards on The Deck at Regatta Point. Bob had to stay home for forensics, the insurance assessor, and we needed to replace the window lock before we could leave the house.

The PRB came around 'now' and fitted a new lock for us.

Saturday, 12 Nov I had pre-entered the Belconnen 6k Fun Run and we both went along. Huge turnout, although there were the usual suspects, the 'good' runners were focusing on the AIS track meet that night and the bulk of the 1,000+ field were walkers and also-joggers. Felt good to begin with, but my breathing became increasingly laboured and wheezy. Finished well behind fellow Cool Runner CJ in (approx.) 28:38. This infection is taking it's toll. Met up with Cool Runner Scott who had a great run in around 24 minutes.

Very pleasant afternoon with CJ and Mr CJ, Strewth and Mr B., Aki and the PRB. I ATE without ill effects, although the service and coffee at e musica was not up to standard. Feel gipped when I raved about it for so long. CJ and I received medals engraved with 2nd (and 1st) Veterran (sic) Females. In the afternoon, Bob and I cycled down to the Yacht Club to collect my registration for the Tour de Femme. Very pleasant.

Sunday, 13 Nov Despite feeling flat, Bob did decide at the last minute to go along to the Vets Cycling Criterium at the Sutton Rd Driver Training Centre (sounds like a lot of fun). He drove there, and I rode on the quiet Sunday morning roads to the start of the Tour de Femme. It was endearing to see the only cars on the road having old bikes hanging out of the boot, in trailers and on the back seat. A great community participation event! (Why did I finish so far back then?).

Caught up with the rest of the unofficial Team - CJ and Strewth in our great looking Cool Running Tri Tops. Was passed by CJ yet again near the finish. I was happy though to maintain (barely) 30kph over the course, and felt 'hungry ' on the bike. Breathing difficulties again as I went on.

Sunday Night Developed sudden, crippling headache. Went to bed and sought relief in sleep. Terrible pain during night and on waking.

Monday, 14 Nov More of the same. Nauseas, and very crook with headache. Not optimistic.

Tuesday, 15 Nov Remembered that Dr John had speculated that one of the medications I was prescribed may interact with another I am on long term. Couldn't recall the list of side effects (apart from ending in coma and death), but thought that it could be the cause of (?hypertension) causing the headaches. Stopped taking that medication. Began to feel better. Almost, but didn't quite, make it to Cross Country that night.

Wednesday, 16 Nov Felt great. Annoyed that I had wasted two days. More research etc, for computer replacements. Bob and I lobbed up for the Bonshaw Cup at HMAS Harman. I had left it too late to cycle, and an officious guard threatened to shoot and/or put the dogs on me. Reluctantly let me in to the compound. It was a good event, very well organised and very military. The lovely Adrienne was there and she ran vey well from the start, chasing down other runners and pushing up the hills. The 4 mile course was quite interesting, although my breathing was still laboured at the end. Adrienne managed to beat me by around a minute and pick up 2nd Masters Female and a fine trophy. I was third in the catagory. Lots of barrel draws, although we missed out again.

Thursday, 17 Nov The day was spent chasing up computers, and we didn't get to the Hartely LifeCare Fun Run. Decided what we needed however, brand model, rank and so on. Wrote it out labourisously by hand and tried to fax it off and play telephone tag again. Rad picked me up and we went to the Vets Track together. Entered the 3,000m (so slow), lots of solo laps, the 800m, and the '6 lap spiral', a neat little Tony Booth designed handicap event where one starts running in Lane 1 (the inside lane), move over to the next lane after about 300m, and then continue doing this until the laps are completed. I was warmed up now, and felt ready and rearing to go by the end. Felt enthusiastic and comfortable about the prospect of the Triple Tri on Sunday.

Friday, 18 Nov Morning spent on the phone organising the fax from last night. Found more serial numbers, instruction books and tossed lots of stuff out. Very productive. Rode the commuter bike into Customs - great weather and really enjoyed it. Four of us started from a 12:30 handicap - the lovely Adrienne, SpeedyGeoff, Mike S. and I. I felt good from the off, and ran easily and well, breathing normally and only spitting twice towards the end (unheard of by me - during the peak of the sinus problem it was every 10m!). Still lots in the tank, and able to go forever. 23:04, 40 seconds faster than last weeks harder effort, and infront of Adrienne this week. Whoo Hoo! I'm back! Cycled back after coffee and sunshine on The Deck via Scrivener Dam. Great to be alive. Can't wait for the six foot track next week! The PRB delivered his computer that night. Can it get any better than this?

6 Responses to “Wired/Unwired”

  1. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    I'm so sorry to hear that the events of the past week for you and Bob. Take care of yourself,

    J xx

  2. Anonymous Bennyr 

    Bloody hell, Carolyne. If it isn't dodgy health or injuries it's something like this. But whatever it is it is always dealt with, put into perspective and life is got on with. I really admire your ability to do this.

    It's great to have people that amaze you when things get a bit tough. I'm glad you have a friend like PRB to lean on.


  3. Anonymous cj 

    Glad to hear that you are feeling so much better. Sounds really time-consuming dealing with the after-effects of your break-in. Can't imagine being without my computer - gosh, did I really say that!!!

  4. Anonymous speedygeoff 

    All the best flashduck. I didn't know about ALL your woes. Good to see you on the improve again.

  5. Anonymous Gronk 

    Hey FD, Bummer about the break in. Great run on Friday !

  6. Anonymous Tesso 

    So sorry to read about the break in FD. Oooh, it just makes me so angry when I hear about things like that.

    I read (and reread and reread) the last paragraph of this post. Your positive attitude never ceases to amaze me.

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