Not Drowned. Wave. Wave. Wave.

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(Wobbly Man ~~ this is a reference to both the 80's band and the original Plath poem).

I haven't posted for a while, although I am alive and generally very well (sinus infection again, but that doesn't count). I am just busy trying to configure the new computer, and not having much success with setting up the Centrino Wireless Network with Bigpond. Everytime I get to stage 2,386 (actually I'm exagerating. There are only 47 steps), I stuff something up and need to restore to an earlier point and start again.

Very frustrated. Don't want to ask for help. Techno Spouse.

So, little or no access to update. Or time. Gggrrrrr.

Good meal last night at Chill at Campbell shops. Review later.

3 Responses to “Not Drowned. Wave. Wave. Wave.”

  1. Anonymous Luckylegs 

    At least I know you're OK!!

  2. Anonymous cj 

    I have purchased a new laptop as well with the centrino wireless technology and my techie support is up at Surfers until Xmas! Hope you get it worked out.

  3. Anonymous 2P 

    Hi Carolyn glad to hear you are still out there :-)

    I finally got around to reading your 6'TSV report - fantastic reading well done, I enjoyed every line and congrats on being able to be a part of such a special day.

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