Sweat, Shop and Tears

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Some more of Bob’s computer equipment arrived on Tuesday morning and he needed quite a bit of assistance in setting it up.  I could have done it quite quickly on my own, but he wanted to see how and what to do which took ages.

I have been having drenching night sweats again which mean that I wake tired and groggy, and can’t get going all day.  There is also so much washing to do each morning as well . . . . sigh.   I had an afternoon appointment in Civic, and we were keen to get as much Christmas shopping done as soon as possible.  Bob’s namesake nephew was also expecting his third child and she was already a week overdue.  

I cycled in and dropped by the National Gallery of Australia shop to pick up a gift for my sister for Christmas, thence to my Civic in the nick of time for my appointment.  Locking up my bike and changing from lycra to floral dress was quick and without drama.  I stayed in my frippery to knock over most of the rest of the shopping for extended family, leaving much of it at the store for later collection with the car.  It was a long, long afternoon, but I felt pretty damn impressed with what I achieved (especially as shopping is not my favoured activity, I missed out on that female gene).

Home late from Christmas shopping, I still had to stock up on groceries, so showered quickly and headed down to the local for the boring stuff.  Not an exciting day, with little exercise to speak of (and NO running!), but I feel satisfied and virtuous.

Baby Max finally arrived that night, which was pretty exciting.  A great big bruiser like his sister, he is going to be a handful.  

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  1. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    LOL, I missed out on the shopping gene too - oh, except when it comes to gym/sporting gear which I lurve shopping for :-)

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