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I learnt a very good lesson today ~~ and it is all thanks to Aki. Bob and I cycled down to Customs today, sans motorised vehicle, and I was disappointed with the time it took me to run the 5km. Having been (a tad) warmed up from cycling there, my time, 23:32 was a full minute and a half outside my Customs PB, I was going HARD!

Only afterwards, having a short black with Aki as I was lamenting my lot and enviously thinking about how much allrounder has improved. Riding past her on Tuesday and seeing the pace at which she was doing her intervals, I thought aloud that intervals must be the answer. My advice to Aki a year or so ago was then to come back to haunt me as she, now the seasoned runner, gave me advice. Big picture stuff . . . likelihood of injuries, need for endurance and distance. Smart girl.
I was too inward focused ~ I think I had some guilt about being such a bad friend (to Aki) over the last week. I had been really looking forward to doing lots together, and ended up caught up with family stuff or worse, sleeping instead. Must remind self that I was around 45 seconds faster than last week (at least it's heading in the right direction), and I can't expect to run well without training!
So much to do, so little time. Managed to get some more gifts at the Gallery this afternoon, which demanded a very cautious ride home with a box sticking out of the back rack.
Now, for some training and a consistent 2006!

4 Responses to “Train the Trainer”

  1. Anonymous Cirque 

    You're very tough on yourself Carolyne. You sound like a great friend to me and I think you're fantastic the way you battle on through so many obstacles. Goal for 2006 - be kind to yourself!

  2. Anonymous speedygeoff 

    Aaaargh, (start of advice) you don't need any more consistency. Have an awesomely good and victory filled 2006! And yes, speed work is just icing on the cake. Maybe in 2006, work on the cake. (end of advice).

  3. Anonymous Aki 

    Awww, shucks, now I feel like a big know it all. Seriously though, stop beating yourself up, it's Christmas time and that's never an easy time of year. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    Don't be so hard on yourself Ducky. You have had a great year and I'm sure 2006 will be even better for you!

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