A clipped wing (or something not-so-flash)

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Bob finally convinced me to go to the doctor about my ankle. It was quite painful overnight, and extremely swollen this morning with an attractive Hendrix-esque purple haze descending over the foot. It disturbed my sleep quite a bit last night, and we resurrected the walking stick this morning to assist me hobble-!hop!-hobble-!hop! around.

I bounced into the doc's office on my good clog, leaving the other on the floor behind me as even it didn't fit now.

Stating up front that I thought it was only a sprain, he came back with asking me what race did I need it right for this weekend! Bob just laughed and mentioned the half marathon this weekend, and the one the week after . . .

I was then presented with a a crash course of Torture 101 as he prodded and poked in places I wouldn't have thought it was possible to hurt. Although a fracture is possible, we will treat it as a sprain for now. I got the R I E OK, but omitted the C for compression. He strapped my ankle thoroughly, and it now presents a large brown target.

No half for me this weekend, must ring Ken and see if there is something I can do to help sitting down I'm really tired and feel under the weather now.

Moral of the story: Washing, and housework generally is a dangerous activity and should be avoided.

2 Responses to “A clipped wing (or something not-so-flash)”

  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Gosh Flashduck! That's dreadful! I had no idea you'd had an accident until reading your last post; very disappointing for the half, but it could have been far worse; I think you should rest it as much as you can, but make sure you "hop & hobble" to the drinks on Sunday; I hope to be in Canberra around 11:00am...earlier if I can get away.

  2. Blogger Ewen 

    I'd agree with the moral of the story Flash. Might I borrow it for my signature? See you at the 1st Canberra CR drinks!

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