Ethiopian Night @ Dickson

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I rocked up to Customs at lunchtime to help and hold the (stop) watch, yet there must have been a Freudian vindictiveness at work, for a bumped the counter at about 25 minutes and lost the total elapsed time for everyone. Doh!


Much to my relief, most people were recording their own times on their stopwatches, but by no means all. It was another delightful autumn day, with the leaves covering a broad spectrum of colours from light green to russet red, a calm, smooth lake surface, and clear blue skies. Bob met me for coffee after he had been to Pialligo to stock up on last of the season's apples and ordering some semi-slick tyres for his bike to take to Vietnam.

13 May 2005 042

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the dinner with Geoff Moore's Training Group. Although I may have only attended two sessions thus far, it was like a homecoming to a nice warm blanket of old running friends. The food was excellent, and extraordinary (almost embarrassing) value at only $20 a head. The company and general joi de vive was even better. Bob had vasilated about whether to attend or not, however decided to have a quiet night at home with Lucy, the wonder cat (born 13 July 1985 and going strong). With much eating out whilst away cycling and a huge backlog of emails to attend to when he returned, he felt like staying in. He missed a great evening though! I got to catch up with old friends, and spent a pleasant time talking to my new running buddy, who is as nice off the track as on. It was a very special night, and I am so thankful that this ankle injury enabled me to eat!

The enforced sitting was however not great for the joint, and ached increasingly over the course of the evening. By the time I got home it was screaming, and even now it is quite painful. It looks much better - the bruising seems to be isolated towards the toes, and around the rim of the heel, although there is nevertheless still some swelling. Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Anti-Inflammatories.

I made an appointment to see a highly recommended physio on Tuesday morning. I am still hopeful, although do not want to aggravate it further.

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  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Nothing like a good night out! Not so good to be bothered by a painful leg; what a wonder cat is Lucy!!

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