Happy 60th Lynne

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It is Bob's big sister Lynne's was born 60 years ago today. Happy Birthday.

I had a mega night sweat last night, and this left me feeling pretty ordinary in the morning.

Bob is also feeling under the weather with a cold coming on. A late change of plans meant that there was to be no running for him today, so instead us both going to the monthly Run Up of Mt Ainslie today, and me jogging home the 10-14kms through the bush, I gave Rad a call and he gave me a lift.

Standing around, I couldn't stop yawning again, and felt like crawling under a doona and sleeping. There was another good turn out to the run, with over 30 starters again. My yawn-fest seems to serve a good purpose though, for in the absence of being a good judge of pace, I do start off conservatively, and finish well. Just chugged along today, and finished in an official time of 17:35, the slowest female by far, yet a steady improvement over the last four runs.

  • 19:54 1 March
  • 18:45 5 April
  • 18:00 3 May
  • 17:35 7 June

I was able to say Hi to some of my favourite people, including the legendary Carol Baird, who is one of my heroes. Not only notable for being an EverReady Bunny, her mountain running and endurance skills are awesome, with excellent times.

Retrieved my hip pack from Rad's car, had a gel, and jogged off on an alternate route home. Not very exciting to begin with, through suburban streets skirting the CBD, but then I ducked into the campus' of ANU and CSIRO, before hitting the range of trails in Black Mountain. A fortuitous choice, as an urgent toilet stop was required just as I neared the ANUTech building. This short route was probably less than 10k, as it took me only 56 minutes to jog with a loaded bag. Very encouraging.

That evening, a birthday gathering at the Hyatt for Lynne. I hadn't thought through what to do at the restaurant here, I was obliged to pay (it was a buffet), and find it really difficult sitting at a table with people eating around me. To complicate matters, Bob was sleeping when I returned home, and I couldn't get any nutrition or hot drink into me until he woke up after 4:00pm and I was feeling rather woozy.

I cracked. I just went to get soup, but it was the worst possible choice in my condition (although it smelled delicious) - (high fibre) Lentil Soup. I put some arugula and lettuce leaves on a plate, and a collection of oysters. Boy, I enjoyed this! I went back and had more. I felt pretty good, and 'just' checked out the hot food (I was still goose pimply); A couple of grilled salmon steaks stared at me. A spoonful or two of rice didn't seem too rash.

I looked at the deserts. Not a big sweet eater. But my stomach had stretched and I guess my willpower was shot. Let's just say I was taking some of my doc's advice from yesterday.

This will come at a cost, but was probably worth it. Back to fluids tomorrow.

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