ACTVAC Handicap Farrer Ridge 9k

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I woke up during the night needing to put artificial tears in my eyes, then stoked up the fire and put more wood on. I didn't get back to sleep for eons, and then only briefly before my alarm alerted me to the need to get up for the Vets Handicap Race for May. It was -2*C when I left home.

Following the instructions in the Vetrunner newsletter I went to the wrong place, along with quite a few others. Eventually found the correct location and was there in time for a start of group 18. Although I started off well behind the others in my group, my ankle which was decidedly stiff and sore after yesterday either warmed up or I learned to ignore it (at my peril). I had started my return to health with the short (4.5km) run on this event in April last year. I hadn't run the 'long' course, although there was general consensus that it was hilly. It was an interesting extension of the route, along more trails, over an equestrian stile, through an underpass into Isaacs pines and return. Running past many people on the out and back course enabled me to say G'Day to many people, and receive lots of greetings in return.

Map of ACTVAC Handicap Farrer Ridge 9k

With a final downhill finish I ended up 3rd overall, however was not eligible due to not having completed a Vets race for a while. A good day and great chance to catch up with people, although my run was not st when I compared times with others of my standard who started back a little. I must do better!

Fiddled around for a bit on returning home, then crashed out, eventually sleeping a little. I look forward to hearing from Bob entering communication range, I expect that he shall be frozen after the sub-zero temperatures we have been experiencing. Only a week and a half before he heads over to Hanoi for his cycling trip. As much as I'll miss him, it is so much easier restricting my (solid) food intake when he is away.

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  1. Blogger Aki 

    I can't believe you did that after the Majura run up. When the cat's away, the mice will play. :)

  2. Blogger Ewen 

    Minus 1 tomorrow, now that's getting chilly. Flash, you did not run hard enough on Saturday! Where are your tired, sore legs? Now, give me a run that starts at the top of Majura and finishes at the bottom with even more single-track running. That would be fun!

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