Hamstrings l'orange

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We left the AGM a bit early last night, arriving home around 11 o'clock (before I turned l'orange). We hung on until after the after the farce of reports were done and the election of all office bearers and a new committee was satisfactorily completed by an overwhelming margin.

A good result.

An early start to prepare for a plumber to come this morning to install a couple of new toilet suites and shower unit was necessary, however this process has been almost six months in the ordering, re-ordering and obtaining a tradesman.

I left for an appointment in Civic, leaving Rob to assist with the drilling and coffee making. Instead of coming home to change, I stayed in the area, and attempted to tape my ankle, first in the car, and then at the coffee shop at Regatta Point. It was a gloriously sunny winter day, without the winds of yesterday, and warmth from the sun despite a feeble maximum of only 17*C. Upon arriving at the Customs run, I was aware that I had taped the base layer too high and too tight ~ however having already used a few metres of sticky congealed tape, and contorting myself in unnatural positions to get this far, I was not going to revisit it now. To give myself a better idea of how I was managing with my ankle, I went off my 'correct' handicap of 13:00 minutes, which should predict about a 4:30 minute pace for the flat 5k.

On starting the run, it was apparent that my ankle was fine, yet the taping was far too tight. I tried to ignore it, and managed to do so until about the three km mark, however by now it was starting to adversely affect me. Within the next km, I found that I was pulling up tight and and stiff in the right hamstring. As this progressed, and I was passed by the last (fastest!) runner, I realised that I was only doing myself a disservice, and stopped in an attempt to rip off the strapping where it was the tightest. I did not succeed in doing much of a job, and jogged back to the finish, trying not to favour or aggravate the hammie further. I don't know what time it was (nor does it matter), as I ripped off my shoes, socks and attempted to remove the tape and bandages. The hammie still twinged rather alarmingly.

On returning home, I iced and spent a dangerous few hours vacuuming and washing floors and stairs from plumbers detritus. Too much housework. Too likely to get injured.

I'm pretty annoyed with myself, I could have done without the tape, and now have caused an unnecessary niggle.

I hope that is all it is.

To Sydney tomorrow to collect race numbers and prepare for the SMH Half.

2 Responses to “Hamstrings l'orange”

  1. Blogger Sarah 

    I've been thinking of you today, I hope everything went well for both of you!

  2. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Very disappointed that I didn't get to see you at the SMH half marathon yesterday, Flash Duck...where were you?? Look forward to reading your report when you get back to Canberra. How did your ankle hold up? LL

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