Return to the Stakes (who was that masked duck?)

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Good News.
The ankle held out really well, although it was something of a slapstick comedy watching me attempt to strap it before leaving. Metres of tape were in a sticky congealed mass on the floor beside me as I attempted to keep it straight and firm. The final result may not have looked pretty, however certainly did the job admirably for the gentle trot.

The Trot.
Just about sums it up really. I went off 3:15 with Anne, my favourite new W70. This was at a very relaxed pace, although heading into the wind which blew out of a clear blue sky from the snow on the mountains made it harder than it would seem. Within the first 2kms however, the solid food of the previous week made it's presence felt, despite being on fluids since Tuesday and having dosed up on 8 Imodium that morning. I pulled away to find a discreet stand of bushes in the Oakey Hill bush, and continued to do so each kilometre to the finish. I raced away at the finish to change in the library, but by the time I returned everyone had left! Rad kindly left a note on the car inquiring after my welfare, however I am unsure about who or how many people turned up. Next week!

No idea of my time, wasn't actually concerned about my watch. My ankle was good though, and I am feeling more confident about keeping up with Lucky Legs for the first lap at least!

Water. Ginger Beer. (mmmm, beer) FortiJuice.

Half Marathon Number 2083 and 2084 ('Flash Ducks' - Bob and Carolyne)

2 Responses to “Return to the Stakes (who was that masked duck?)”

  1. Blogger Aki 

    Now I know why I don't run near Oakley hill. :)

  2. Blogger Sarah 

    How are your headaches now? I'm a bit worried about you :-(

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