Post Race Physio Assessment

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Saw Graeme Sproule (from SportsCare and Physiotherapy) this morning for treatment and an assessment following the Half Marathon on Sunday. I was delighted with how well the ankle held out and I managed to get through the event without drama. Interestingly, objective testing indicated that it was much less flexible than on Friday, and the 'gentle' massage and targeted exercises hurt a lot!

Once again it was some of the best value I have had for my bucks ~ it has been so long since I have had been treated for injury that I forgot how beneficial it could be. My most recent physio sessions involved :-

  • being trained to swallow;
  • trying to crawl and/or balance on all fours;
  • relieving contractures in my left hand.

This is brilliant - I can RUN!!!!!

Anyone living or visiting Canberra, I heatedly recommend Graeme. Good Bloke. Great Professional. Nice Guy.

The rest of the day disappeared under a mountain of errands, a haircut / running talk session with a fellow member of Geoff's 'Team Moore', and further errands and grocery shopping.

Winter has hit Canberra. Late, but a disheartening day of grey skies, wind curling crisp brown leaves around the streets, and an icy wind. Perhaps I can blame this on my resolve weakening and eating dinner tonight (solid food). Enjoyed it too. A pumpkin and tofu curry with basmati rice I had made for Bob. Far from ideal before the BBQ Stakes tomorrow, but winter does make it harder to live on FortiJuice alone.

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