The Lost Days of May

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Wednesday night I started to feel decidedly queer. Headache, gut pains, general malaise. I went to bed quite early and thought that I might take it pretty easy on Thursday.

It was a quiet Thursday, but not how I expected. My head hurt so much, but if I moved an eyelash my head was going to explode and my guts were about to turn inside out, violently. Could not eat eat, drink, move.

Thursday. Well, I made it out of bed today, just. Bob has headed down to a gorge with 2 of his nephews and a couple of their friends for a camping and hiking weekend. A last minute change of plans from his Vets Cycling at Gunning, but it should be good, if a little chilly.

Nothing to report from today, the pain in the head has ameliorated although it is still more than annoying and I don't feel very flash. Had a long talk to Aki tonight and heard about her PB. So sorry I wasn't there to share in it. I still hope to make it to the mountain run tomorrow, although I shall need to improve considerably overnight just to get dressed.

Can't complain, I think my days of wellness:sickness ratio is certainly better this month than earlier in the year.

Onward and upward (all trails at Mt Majura lead up)!

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  1. Blogger Aki 

    The improved ratio is good, lets get it even better in June. It's ok about today, I still had a lot of people to talk to. We'll have to go for a run together soon.

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