Lake Ginninderra Stakes 7k

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Physio first up this morning. I thought I should cancel it yesterday afternoon, however thought that I should give them more notice. Waking up during the night with headaches a few times only reinforced this.

My ankle had certainly lost a heap of flexibility over the last week, no doubt in part due to the twist on the mountain run on Saturday, and my headache preventing me from doing much (including running and much physio exercise) over the last week.

Graeme 'massaged' it for a while, although this was more like (another) form of runner's masochism. Yee Gods, it hurt! A bit more in the gym, and that was it for the ankle. He expects that it is scar tissue forming which is stiffening up, so lots of mobilisation over the next three or four weeks. No other appointment booked.

At lunchtime was the monthly Lake Ginninderra Stakes 7k monthly handicap. I ended up getting there rather later than planned so didn't warm up or (un) dress properly. Nevertheless, felt pretty good from the off, aware that my breathing was fairly laboured, although my heart rate was pretty average for this sort of effort. I think I'm coming down with a cold. I hope that the aches and pains in my back do not mean the 'flu.

Map of Lake Ginninderra Stakes 7k
Lake Ginninderra route in Red
Starts from left, ends on right
Passed about as many people as those who passed me, which was about right. There were quite a few unfamiliar faces who may have turned up as a response to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) Fun Run on a similar course a fortnight ago. As the run progressed, I thought that my time was pretty reasonable although could not remember what my PB was. Ended up in 32:00 flat (31:59.6 by my watch - official results to follow), which turns out to be about 4 seconds outside my run in November. Can't really complain about that. I look forward to cracking 4:30 pace on this course, it is flat and can be done, however this shall have to wait.

2 Responses to “Lake Ginninderra Stakes 7k”

  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    A great effort, Flash Duck, for that run. Hope the cold didn't develop; don't push yourself too hard, will you? And go easy on that ankle: I don't know how you can still run so well with it still bothering you..tough little thing, aren't you?? By the way, were there any photos of the Canberra drinks? If there were, I must have another look. Stay well.

  2. Blogger Sarah 

    I assume you're going to post about making the Aussie team for the world duathlon champs soon??? :-)

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