A Drowned Rat

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The morning was spent preparing the house and yard for pest controllers to spray for our spidery friends - sad to see them go, however they are winning the cobweb war and invading my bed each night. Although I had hoped to go for a decent run, home duties were far too pressing.

Headed off on my MTB to Woden to do the BBQ Stakes for the first time this year - the weather looked ominous however I was made of sterner stuff. Just enough time to change and check my handicap, not enough for a warm up (again). Note to self: allow more time!

The course was in reverse today, which meant an uphill start. The weekends activities told here, my pace on the ascents dropped back to a crawl, although on the flat and downhill sections I felt good. I couldn't keep up with the three blokes who left on the same handicap, however passed some of the slower runners in front. Having both warmed up and been done with the uphill sections, my pace picked up considerably, resulting in a better than average negative split.

1k 4:50 20m ascent
2k 5:31 (!) 35m ascent
3k 5:01 11m ascent Halfway split = 15:22
4k 5:17 (!) 22m ascent
5k 4:16 5m ascent
6k 4:06 0 ascent (downhill) = 13:39

One of the problems in cycling to the run is bike and gear security after the run disperses - hence no chance to do some more k's after I checked in. Bob rang me from the National Library and we agreed to meet for lunch at the French Bakery at Hughes. While there the rain came down in torrents - I suited up with arm warmers and a gortex jacket and I left to ride to the swimming pool - Afterall, it doesn't matter if I'm a little wet before I go swimming, right?

The stormwater drains were overflowing in the inner north, and water was deeper than the bottom bracket in places. After a hot shower, I changed into my gear and hit the steam room before the pool to warm up a little more! The pool was fairly busy with lanes taken up with swim school places, but I didn't let this deter me and swam for an hour, and quite enjoyed it.

Must go for a decent run tomorrow ~ the weather is forecast to be unseasonably cold, 6-18C and wet! Just gotta run though - it's a lot worse than that in a Canberra winter!

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