Recovery Day

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My legs and left knee continued to seize up last night, although icing did help. It was better on waking from an excellent sleep which was so welcome.

No running today, however I went to the pool, primarily to use the spa and steam room for stretching. I did take my fins down though, as it seemed a good idea to move over my arms a bit and take the work load off my legs. Despite these vague plans, I not only found that swimming in my own lane with fins was easy, but very enjoyable and enabled me to concentrate on two aspects of my stroke; high elbows and hip/arm extension and rotation. I ended up stopping when I had done 2k with fins feeling very good, and was later to see that my lap times actually improved throughout the set. Feeling a tad guilty about taking it easy with the fins, I did a couple of laps without, and slipped into the same easy pattern of improving my stroke and extension. The end of an hour co-incided with 1km of freestyle, so here I called it quits, and stretched in the spa and steamroom.

An evening ride down to the Runner's Shop for new racing and training shoes was mostly successful - I was looking for a replacement for the Asics Nimbus V I currently use as my heavyweight trainers, and ended up with the rather less aestheically pleasing Nimbus VI (grey in the men's model). Nike was out of the Zoom Eldorado in my size, and others weren't suitable until Brian suggested the Brooks T3 - I tried on the 42.5cm - too big, but felt OK. Hopefully they will be in and tested before Bob and I leave for Tasmania and the Hobart Triathlon in a weeks time.

Just been out for dinner with very close, old friends who are leaving Canberra after 36 years. On return, maybe the Nimbus aren't so ugly, a bit more silvery grey than battleship, we'll see.

I look forward to testing them tomorrow.

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  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Flash Duck, all that swimming sounds the ideal way to train without strain! Hope your new shoes are kind to you & that you do great things in Tasmania! LL

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