What a Wimp!

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I could blame it on the lack of sleep last night ~ It sounded like someone was trying to break in, although I calmly thought that this was very unlikely.

So I convinced myself that it was Magnus the possum rearranging its home in the shed after being protected by the possum-mad neighbour while the spiders were being sprayed. It still meant I slept for about an hour in the morning, and thus woke up very groggy.

Groggy. sleep deprived, with gale force winds, rain and a biting cold temperature made the deferral of my planned morning run easy. Still guilty, I stayed in bed and cuddled the cat.

I managed to get to the indoor heated pool at lunchtime, and started well although faded as time wore on and I no longer had the lane to myself. Called it quits at an hour, and soaked up the heat from the steamroom and spa in an attempt to warm up. Spent some time in the gym, but was bored silly by the treadmill, so stuck to doing some lower body weights.

Dinner with colleagues tonight at a restaurant not reknowned for healthy or interesting food. No chance for a run this afternoon first ~ oh well, it is good to be flexible I guess.

P.S. It turned out that the voiceless, human sounds bashing around at midnight was the said possum-mad neighbour rearranging our shed. I still need sleep!

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  1. Blogger Aki 

    You're not a wimp if you still did some activity. Doesn't the weather know it's still summer?

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