Weston Creek with Aki

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Sunday is Aki's designated long run day, so I thought we should run a chunk of the course for the Weston Creek Half Marathon course http://wwwrsphysse.anu.edu.au/~vsj110/HalfM/half.htm
to enable her to see what she is in for.

It was cool, but quite pleasant by the time I drove across to collect Aki and then headed down to Weston Creek. Thanks to Rick's advice at Customs on Friday, we easily found the start line on the bike path at the Irish Club and we were soon on our way.

I was very impressed with Aki's ability to chat easily whilst we were jogging and enjoyed her company immensely. The time passed quickly, and as the k's went by it was clear that our planned turn at 55 minutes of running was going to be temptingly close to Black Mountain Penninsula. The option of water and facilities there, and Aki's good form convinced us to continue to the assumed turnaround point before heading back.

It is a long time since I have done run on the bike paths on Sunday morning, and was struck by the number of people I recognised running and cycling. Despite aggrevating a posterial cruciate injury the previous evening at the Athletics (spectating is a dangerous activity ~ Climbing to get into my seat resulted in a loud 'pop' which made extension of the leg impossible), I managed to run easily without undue pain. After yesterdays hills it was good to do a flat course, however the hard surface took it's toll towards the end.

There was not much time for socialising after, as Bob and I were due at a friend's for lunch, but it was great to run with Aki and see how well she is doing. The spectre of the Half Marathon should no longer be daunting. I took a few detours, and then ran at a faster pace to catch Aki up, with was comforting to see how I could change the pace and still put in a 4 minute kilometre when I needed to. The bulk of the run was completed within 60-65% of my HR max, with an average of 132.

Total for the week:

  • Swim 8.3k
  • Cycle 70.0k (too wet!)
  • Run 65.4k

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  1. Blogger Aki 

    Thanks for the run! I don't think it'd be so happy if you weren't there. :)

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