300m ~ dnf or dns?

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I have so much to do, however I have been suckered in watching the new "Dr Who". A very British sense of the absurd, with many fart jokes.

So, I may as well blog now, for I may not blog for a few days.

Woke early again, and changing the drenched sheets woke me up more than I could go back to sleep. So, I got up at 4:00 am and read the paper, had a bath and vacuumed the car and half put the car seat covers back on that I had cleaned. Strange stuff fell from the sky, and before I knew it, I headed off to the Cross Country.

And it continued to rain. and rain.

I did the first (short) race as a warm-up, at 5 minute pace and felt comfortable and smart! Didn't mind coming last, and felt adequately prepared for the longer event. I changed into dry shoes and socks drank a full bidon of water, and prepared to start with Aki and my running buddy. Miraculously, many people appeared from where they were sheltering in cars. the first 50m was fine. But then I got colder and colder and I stopped after about 300m! Aki continued to run 4 laps of the 4km course in increasingly heavy rain. I'm very proud of her!

ACTCCC Weston Park

My throat is still sore, and glands a little swollen. I'm pleased that I pulled out, the run tomorrow with Lucky Legs, Tim and Ewan is far more important!

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  1. Blogger Aki 

    Dr Who is really cool! I can't believe I said that, but the fart jokes were hilarious. Did it have to stop half way through though? Surely 3 hours of Doctor Who straight is better than normal Saturday television.

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