An Ironic Week

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The irony of me developing a cold (it would be churlish to refer to it as "Bob's Cold") hasn't escaped me.

Bob was Triathlon-ed and Raced out, and keen for a break from it all. I kept finding reasons / excuses about why I didn't want to go away at any particular time because of (my running) races, desire to establish a training regime and lock into some of the social and other networks I have missed out on over the last 10 years. Hence, the perfect solution was for me to run, socialise, race and so on based here in Canberra while Bob got away from it all for a few weeks before the full force of the training and managing the Age Group Duathlon Team for the World Championships in Newcastle kicked in.

Since he left of Thursday night (9/6/05) I have done my standard Customs run, and have been holed up in the house ever since. Frankly this wasn't the plan.

I remind myself though how important it is to build up my immune system and make sure that I am OK before pushing through. Being here on my own ~ well, Lucy and I being here on our own ~ it is a little difficult to work out exactly when that is.

I ate some Special K last night, (mmm . . . food), probably broke the night sweat record, although managed it better (lots of big thick towels at hand; new covers and pillows; a warmer house) and am not so crook this morning, although have a lot more washing! The day looks pretty good, blue sky, quite still. The decision on whether to venture out to the Mountain Running course to help, view or run still has to be made.

Wybalena Grove, Lucy on deck at sunset

Decisions, decisions. Thanks for all your care and comments guys. I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me. I'll let you know what I decide.

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