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I'm proud of myself.

As stated in my profile, I am seeking to learn to adjust to my body's limitations and train accordingly, and this weekend has been a case in point.

Bob had developed a cold during the week, and felt quite poorly, although I was very unsympathetic as I was fine and dandy! On Saturday, after a gentle 4km warm-up in light rain and mild conditions I began to feel the onset of a sore throat and not feeling so great. Having warmed up, I then became terminally cold at the start of the real event, and pulled out within the first few hundred metres. Sensible. I've never done that before.

I was greatly looking forward to my weekend; running with Lucky Legs, Ewan and Tim on Saturday at Mittagong, then heading on to visit friends in Sydney and maybe catch up with my sister and nieces. Saturday evening was spent packing, allowing for every contingency, putting luggage in the car in readiness of an early departure, and laying out running gear, drinks and gels for the morning.

I awoke at midnight feeling as though any activity would be unwise, and started to think about driving along the guys as support for drinks, clothes, etc. An hour or so later I re-woke drenched with my bed a wading pool, with my fingertips shrivelled up. I could barely swallow, my ears and sinus' ached, and my glands were balloons. There was no way I could drive up to Mittagong. I sent Ewan an SMS, took some paracetamol cold tablets, changed beds, and slept a little.

In the past, I would have struggled through, but not now. I'm in for the long haul, not an early relapse this time! Sunday was spent in bed, sleeping for most of the afternoon. Uncharacteristically, I could barely drink anything, despite putting the kettle on a couple of times, I had no broth, no coffee, no chocolate. No appetite and a terribly sore throat. I had thought that I could bust out and have some good or bad food, as I wasn't running. Cruel justice that I couldn't swallow even my usual liquid diet!

I slept better on Sunday night that I have for ages. No night sweats, not waking, and comfortable. I feel much better today, and am drinking like there is no tomorrow.

I have spoken to Bob three times since his arrival in Hanoi; he is still suffering from the dregs of his cold, is amazed at the numbers of people. He has sent a couple of wonderful, newsy emails from his hotel in Hanoi from where he will head off on his cycle journey on Tuesday. He took his bike to the streets of Hanoi yesterday and cut it with the mass of scooters and cars. A little hair raising, although he survived. The food sounds amazing, as does the early morning exercise culture.
I feel much better, 6 litres of fluid on. I'm not sure when I shall run again, I don't want to risk anything.

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  1. Blogger CJ 

    Shame about missing your run with LL et al, but probably very wise not to go. I learnt the hard way last year what happens when you don't listen to your body - ended up having an operation on my leg because of chronic ITB inflammation. This meant months of no running and cycling - it was so frustrating. So hang in there and take it easy. Hope to see you at the Terry Fox run next Sunday!

  2. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Carolyne, missed you yesterday, but from reading your blog, it seems you're in for a bit of a rough time; keep resting, won't you? Don't take on anything until you're feeling fit again. All the best for quick recovery.

  3. Blogger Aki 

    Seems we both encountered some problems this weekend, hopefully that means a good weekend for the next one! Maybe you should think of taking it easy for a few days and see how those sweats go.

    Part of being an inspirational role model is also in acknowledging when you need rest, and you're filling that ability quite well at the moment!

    I invested in those hot chocolate thingys btw, this one with hazelnut. You didn't tell me the packs came with a chocolate sprinkle topping! I'm hooked now!

  4. Blogger Gronk 

    Glad to see that your on the downhill from that bug FD. Keep the water up and take it easy. :)

  5. Blogger Ewen 

    You did the right thing Carolyne. We'll do it again some time - great fun and scenery. Thanks for lending me the lock. I was 'hanging out' for the Apollo after 24km. I'm still amazed how well LL and Tim handled the 34km, talking all the way, cracking jokes and generally making light work of a very hilly run.

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