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Another morning, another load of sheets and sodden towels, and a greatly deteriorated cold. Yuk! Sleeping in puddles with an overnight sub-zero temperatures cannot be good. I made the room and house even cooler last night, with only the lightest bed cover, to ensure that my problem wasn't overheating. It isn't. I just get extra, extra cold when I'm wet and the house is freezing.
Sorry for this misery whinge, but I have gone through half a box of tissues this morning, my neck is the size of a front row forward, and it's hard to swallow. I WANT TO RUN. NOW.

I went for an exploratory walk / jog yesterday when there was a break in the weather, and felt OK, although my breathing was very laboured. I was far too cold to get on the bike. With my newly found determination to be here for the long haul, I didn't even consider (well, not for long) going to Geoff's group to do speed-work in the cold night air. I did however meet Aki afterwards and we went for a warming hot chocolate at
Tilley's Devine Cafe. No music tonight, but it was fun.

Bob rang from Son La whilst I was there, and he plans to stay there for two nights and have a day off the bike. It rained the whole way from Moc Chau, and the hotel he found wouldn't initially let him inside until he cleaned his bags which were covered in mud. When I was at home that evening in attempting to update my blog Bob came on-line and forwarded me an email. We played email tag for a while, so I know that he is still alive!


I feel worse, if possible. Will go and post the applications for the Duathlon for Rad, Bob and myself, and then crawl into bed. (Damn, first must make bed). No customs for me today, and I shall have to be less intimidating to Fatty Vautin if I am to run in the Mountain Running Champs tomorrow.

Hai No to Son La

3 Responses to “Son La”

  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Carolyne, this doesn't sound as if you're at all well; can you warm the house up so that you're not freezing? That can't be good for your cold. Are you seriously going to run the Mountain Runs tomorrow being this ill? I think you should re-think & take more care of yourself...I worry about you, don't you know that? Leep me posted, please!

  2. Blogger Aki 

    Ditto to LL. This run is not worth it if it'll make you feel even worse. Wait till you're over this bug.

  3. Blogger TA and the Gnome 

    Flash - rest, rest, rest. Nice hot baths. Keep warm and wait and rest. Otherwise, we'll send LL down to straighten you out... :-)


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