No running today, Narrelle

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Nothing to report on the running front. I'll keep this blog up to date though in case Bob can access it from Vietnam.

I had a wonderful surprise this morning, a visit by the Legendary Doug and Rad, who diverted their usual Tuesday morning run from Black Mountain Peninsula to our place up the hill.
Doug FryTACT Presentation Dinner 2005 006

I proudly showed them the photo's Bob had posted on Flickr from his first two days in Hanoi.
Bob leaves Hanoi this morning on the first leg of his cycle into the North and North West . . . travelling on his own, it is something of an unknown, exciting adventure. I hope that he is able to maintain his fluid intake and buy plenty of bottled water en route.

My cold is going all over the place. I was very croaky last night, slept pretty well early in the evening, and then sweated up a storm. I hadn't actually realised how bad it was until I got up and put another log on the fire and found everything sodden, including the covers over the sheet. I stripped the bed, found new pillows, and lay down towels and dry bedclothes.

It was just at the time that the Twenty/20 cricket match had Australia at none-fa 23 . By the time I fell asleep, it was 7 for 32. It didn't take long. I haven't watched a match, and find the razzmatazz of baseball music off putting. I'll always remain an aficionado of Test Cricket ~ it's like the difference between Chess and a poker machine. One requires skill, patience, tactics, reading one's opponent . . . the other? Well, you know what I mean.

It was difficult to breathe this morning, just clogged up, but some Antihistamines (Telfast 180) has cleared this up for now. Feel much better, although the ears have having a party popping balloons in my head. The snoz is productive, and I have periods of barking like an old dog with bad cough. A cold last year settled on my chest and ruled me out of the Canberra Times 10k started just like this, so I will be careful. My balance is also skew wiff, I guess because of my ears being blocked.

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  1. Blogger strewth 

    Glad you're a little better today Flash Duck. Have just been reading your latest blogs from London. I've just arrived here and thought I would check out a few blogs while updating my own! Do hope you're on the road to recovery but take it easy til you get rid of that nasty cold! Bob's cycle trip sounds amazing. I'll be interested to read your reports.

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